Monday, December 3, 2007

Eisenhower Endorses Ron Paul?

General Eisenhower and Captain Ron Paul

General Dwight David Eisenhower (“Ike”) commanded the WWII D-Day landings and US victory in Europe over Hitler, helped create the Cold War NATO alliance, and ran for president on the promise to pull US troops out of the Korean War.

There is nothing inconsistent about Ike’s Korea policy when compared to his WWII victories or his hawkish NATO stance.

  • It is said that a soldier knows the true value of peace.
  • A smart hawk knows how to preserve the nation’s strength, not deplete it.
  • A smart strategist knows how to pick his fights.
  • A smart commander knows how to choose the right forces for the job.
  • A smart tactician knows when, how, and where to deploy the right forces to achieve the mission.

Fighting the asymmetric-warfare terrorists does not require the hundreds of thousands of forward-deployed troops that fighting the conventional-warfare Soviet Red Army required.

In fact, a large US troop presence abroad can harm American national security by wasting resources and making enemies.

Captain Ron Paul’s Iraq strategy is in good company with General Eisenhower’s Korea strategy.

Ike had his "We Like Ike" jingle so Ron Paul has this "Vote Yes for Dr. No" ditty:

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