Monday, December 3, 2007

Patton Endorses Ron Paul?

Captain Ron "Blood and Guts" Paul?

  • United States Civil War Union general and US President Ulysses S. Grant’s successful formula for victory was, “Find ‘em. Fix ‘em. Destroy ‘em.” ("fix” means to pin them in place without escape).
  • General Grant’s Civil War strategy has been the strategy for most if not all US military victories.
  • General George S. "Blood and Guts" Patton’s WWII version was, "We're going to hold onto him by the nose and we're going to kick him in the ass."
  • General Colin Powell’s Gulf War I version was similarly to cut the forward Iraqi army off from Baghdad, “First we are going to cut it off, and then we are going to kill it.”

Captain Ron Paul’s strategy for getting Osama bin Laden was and is the same tried and true formula for military success, to focus the major effort on finding, fixing, and destroying the specific guilty terrorists.

Unfortunately, Washington DC groupthink ignored Ron Paul’s warnings not to get dispersed and distracted. Policymakers kept larding on mission after mission like a pork-stuffed Congressional “Christmas tree” bill (crammed with shiny ornaments) while bin Laden escaped.

Keep your eye on the ball.

Captain Ron Paul’s anti-terrorist strategy is in good company with those of Generals Grant and Patton.

When given the chance to speak, Captain Ron Paul explains his find-fix-destroy anti-terrorist strategy:

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