Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Nation Building Threatens Our National Security

"No nation-building."--Ron Paul

A smart hawk knows that post-WWII Germany and Japan were historical aberrations and that nation-building is a dangerous game.

A smart hawk knows that it would be stupid to tell an infantryman to pilot a B-52 bomber and it is equally stupid to waste our military resources for nation-building rather than for national defense by having highly-trained-for-combat soldiers in charge of running electricity plants or collecting Iraqi garbage.

Operation Sparkplug: Nation-Building Fiasco

Look at these poor, badly misused Canadian NATO soldiers in Afghanistan. Policymakers waste a highly professionally trained, heavily armed combat infantry unit with armor and air support on a 200-mile mission to buy a handful of spark plugs at a local market.

They fail.

Not only did these poor, misused soldiers risk their own lives to fail in a mission that they should not have had in the first place, they inflicted a completely unnecessary innocent civilian casualty while failing at a mission that they should not have had to attempt in the first place.

Imagine what this does to troop morale, not to mention the blowback from accidentally killing the people that you intended to “win over” with a spark plug.

Won’t Federal Express or UPS deliver a spark plug? Would it be cheaper to pay an Afghan post office to do it? Is door-to-door spark-plug delivery really the purpose of a heavily armed infantry unit with armor and air support?

Ron Paul Knows a Better Way to National Security

Captain Ron Paul understands the true role of the military and knows how to achieve our national security effectively and Constitutionally.

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