Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Ron Paul’s Air Force

The everyday, grassroots Americans who support Captain Ron Paul ("Paulites") continue to develop unconventional and humorous ways of expressing their support, including planes and a $350,000 blimp.

The Paulite Air Force (PAF) operates from sea to shining sea.

"Paulite" Cessna 172 tactical aircraft "message-strafes" a John Edwards event.
Skyspot Advertising Campaign for Ron Paul In Orlando, FL
(yes, "message-strafe," "money bomb," and "DVD bomb" are non-violent figures of speech)

Eugene, Oregon: Ron Paul airplane banner at Autzen Stadium

Nashua, NH Ron Paul Airplane Banner

"Paulite" Strategic Air Command (SAC) unveils the big boy (Ron Paul Blimp).

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