Monday, December 3, 2007

Sun Tzu Endorses Ron Paul?

Ron Paul the Strategy Sage

The ancient Chinese strategist Sun Tzu, still studied today by US military officers, wrote that the best victory was defeating your enemy without having to fight.

The current hyperbole about the Cold War is that the United States won it “without firing a shot” (not technically true but a worthy goal).

  • Both points signify that war is, in itself, often a sign of policy failure, even if you “win” in the end (better to win without the cost of fighting).
  • A smart hawk knows that achieving goals without war is best for national security.
  • A smart foreign-policy realist pursues goals while conserving the nation's "blood and treasure."
  • “Keep your powder dry” for when you truly need it.

Captain Ron Paul is in good company with some of the greatest military minds of all time.

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