Sunday, April 6, 2008

Nation-Building Abuses Troops

"No nation-building."-- Ron Paul

Deadly, endless, big-government nation-building continues to abuse our troops and weaken our military preparedness.

West Point sending cadets to NJ for taste of Iraq (Associated Press (AP), 4/3/08):
"Army Maj. Rebecca Patterson says cadets taking her "Winning the Peace" class will spend this weekend in Jersey City, 45 miles south of West Point and across the Hudson River from Manhattan.

"Patterson's class provides lessons on opening schools, fixing infrastructure, running elections and training police."
  • If foreign armies invade our country and put their generals in charge of our elections, the LAST word that springs to mind is "democracy." --- Note to nation-builders: A little Democracy 101, the military is NOT supposed to be in charge of democracy (that would be a banana republic junta), the democracy or republic is supposed to be in charge of the military.
  • If it is time to build infrastructure, then it is time to withdraw GI Joe and time to deploy Jimmy Carter with his Habitat for Humanity.
  • The Global Nanny State nation-builders will destroy America if we do have a major war and our soldiers learn too late that knowing how to "open a school" will not stop Russian bombers or Chinese human-wave attacks.
Stop misusing our and allied troops for Iraqi/Afghan reconstruction nation-building such as the "Operation Spark Plug" fiasco.

Stop misusing our soldiers as Deputy Barney P. Fife.

Stop misusing our armored divisions to run the Iraqi economy.

America needs a president who knows the difference between a Marine and a schoolmarm.

Captain Ron Paul respects our troops enough to deploy them properly or not at all.

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